Esprits vignerons


Ten estates. Ten vintages. Men and women deeply attached to their land, their vines and their wines. Men and women seeking, every year, every day, to bring out in their wines the best that nature places in their hands with, as their common thread, the ambition to reveal all the richness and diversity of their terroirs.

That is Pomerol Séduction. A snapshot of a mosaic of expressions that make up Pomerol. A team of ambassadors proudly bearing the standard of an appellation figuring among the most admired and yet the most secret of Bordeaux. A sample of properties on a human scale, very often family-run, always led by personalities with passionate commitment, who sought in 2006 to create an association of which the whole was greater than the sum of its parts.
Behind this collective adventure, there are ten different stories, ten trajectories, ten memories, but one sole desire: to make people love Pomerol. To look back on how far they have come together, to turn towards the future with confidence and share what has given them their uniqueness, the ten members of Pomerol Séduction wished to offer an outstanding case on their tenth anniversary of being together.
2016. Could this tenth vintage have had a more beautiful incarnation? In every way remarkable, with outstanding balance and promising great ageing capacity, 2016 offers a superb entrance through which to discover and appreciate the greatness of Pomerol. In our 10 Châteaux, ten interpretations, ten facets of this historic vintage are offered to-day in a limited edition prestige case, made in France. Only 100 of them are available for sale, each of them numbered and accompanied by a guarantee of authenticity signed by the representatives of the ten estates. A collector’s item, an object to be handed down, which captures and exalts the spirit of Pomerol Séduction.

Discover this spirit, that’s our invitation to you.

Château Beauregard - Château Clinet - Clos du Clocher - Château la Conseillante - Château Gazin - Château Mazeyres - Château Nénin - Château La Pointe - Château Rouget - Château Vieux Maillet



In a limited edition of 100 luxury wine chests, this tenth vintage case is the expression of a unitedness within the group. With its secret opening, it’s a snapshot of Pomerol Seduction's wines in an outstanding vintage in which no-one could fail to succeed.
Almost like a colour chart which the taster can dip into according to his whim, it displays the palette of Pomerols in a very coherent and precise way. This case is above all a wonderful way of summing up Pomerol Seduction members philosophy as a group – all of them are different but everyone together.

Designed and made in France by ADAM with tradition and innovation / Registered design®.